Susanville Best of Broadway


LITTLE MERMAID – Directed by Lisa Bernard

1.  She’s in Love-  Several solos available for tween girls and one boy - original     karaoke   
2.  Poor Unfortunate Souls -One stand-alone female solo for teen or adult
original  karaoke
3.  Kiss the Girl - Several solos available for girls and boys -
original   karaoke

7 BRIDES FOR 7 BROTHERS – Directed by Lisa Bernard

4.  June Bride - Several solos available for teen and adult women  original

5.  Sobbin’ Women- Several solos available for boys and men  original
6.  Barn Dance - Instrumental only

LITTLE SHOP OF HORRORS – Directed by Charlene Gifford, Asst. Director, Stephanie Gifford

7.  Skid Row  original    karaoke
8.  Dentist  original     karaoke 

9.  Feed Me   original     karaoke

RENT – Directed by Matt Ngotel

Attention!  We will be performing clean versions of all songs from Rent.  There is objectionable content in some of the originals so exercise caution when viewing or listening to these songs in front of children.

10.  Rent  Original   Karaoke
11.  One Song Glory  Original  Karaoke
12.  Tango Maureen  Do not watch with small children!!!!  

MATILDA – Directed by Matt Ngotel, Asst. Director, Lisa Bernard

13.  Miracle- several small solos for children and adults 

14.  When I Grow Up - several small solos for children Original   Karaoke
15.  Little Bit Naughty - several small solos for children Original   Karaoke

AIDA – Director, Stephanie Gifford, Asst. Director, Charlene Gifford

16.  Every Story/Fortune Favors--
4 female solos, 1 female main solo, 2 male solos, 1 male main solo  Original

17.  Dance of the Robe - 1 female lead, 1female small solo, 1 male small solo   Original

18.  Written in the Stars -  1 male lead and 1 female lead   Original

HAIR SPRAY – Directed by Matt Ngotel

19.  Ladies Choice - Several male solos for teens -

20. I Can Hear the Bells - several female solos for teens   Original 
21.  You Can’t Stop the Beat - Several small solos for adults and teens   Original