ONCE UPON A MATTRESS (kids show) - Director:  Lindsey Martin  Choreographer:  Jillaine Singleton

Music is only available on cd:   Once Upon a Mattress Accompaniment CD

     13. Shy:  1 main solo and several small solos (children)

     14. Sensitivity:   1 female and 1 male solo (children) 

     15. Song of Love:  Several children's solos

CIVIL WAR - Director:  Lisa Bernard  Choreographer:  Nicole McCoy

     16. The Glory:  Many large men's solos, one large women's solo Original

GUYS AND DOLLS - Director:  Charlene Gifford   Choreographer:  Doria Dalu

     17. Guys and Dolls:  Several small solos (male and female, all ages)  Original    Karaoke

     18. Sue Me:  Duet for a man & woman Original    Karaoke

     19. Sit Down, You're Rockin the Boat:    1 adult male solo Original   Karaoke

Click on the link to purchase the version of the song we'll be using for the show

PIRATES OF PENZANCE - Director & Choreographer:  Matt Ngotel

         1. I am a Pirate King: 4 - 5 small solos (teen or adult men or women)  Original  Karaoke

         2. I am the Very Model of a Modern Major General:  1 solo (man or woman) Original   Karaoke

         3. With Cat-Like Tread:  4 - 6 small solos (adult men or women) Original   Karaoke

    TARZAN - Director:  Charlene Gifford  Assistant Director:  Jaime Stevens  Choreographer:  Catherine Miller

         4. Trashin' the Camp :  Several teens and children's solos Original (no karaoke available)

         5. You'll be in My Heart:  One adult female solo, 2 young adult/teen solos Original  Karaoke 

         6. Two Worlds One Family:  Many small children's solos Original   Karaoke

    DRACULA - Director:  Lisa Bernard  Choreographers:  Seanne McElrath, Alex McElrath, Jillain Singleton

         7. Life after Life:  Several small male and female solos (teen or adult)  Original   Karaoke

         8. Loving You Keeps Me Alive:  One solo (male or female - the key can be changed to suit)  Original   Karaoke

         9. Fresh Blood:  Several solos (teen or adult men or women) Original    Karaoke

    MAMMA MIA - Director & Choreographer:  Matt Ngotel

         10. Slippin Through My Fingers:  3 small solos and small ensembles with harmony (adult women) Original   Karaoke 

         11. Mamma Mia:  1 solo:  (teen or young adult)  Original     Karaoke    

         12. Voulez Vous:  No solos  Original   Karaoke 

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